Leighton Weber

About Leighton Weber and the Sit Tall Stand Tall program and website.
My name is LEIGHTON WEBER. I am the one that has developed the APPLIED STRENGTH system that is the basis for the SIT TALL STAND TALL PROGRAM. I formed HEALTH SATISFACTION INC. in 1981. The facility was constructed to provide the best workout option with the best instruction in Utah. Certification in TRAINING along with my past experience an athlete and avid weight trainer for 37 years gave me the title of STRENGTH CONSULTANT. During the past 24 years of HEALTH SATISFACTION INC. , I have written some 15 ,000 different Programs in both nutrition and training for both the general and athletic sector in the intermountain west.

This past 24 years has given me another opportunity to take my training and experience to a new level of application. The APPLIED STENGTH methodology was developed with the basic premise EXERCISE IMPROVES BOTH PHYSICAL AND MENTAL HEALTH. In 1982, I was challenged with my first wheelchair case. This young lady was a T-9 T-10 paraplegic of 13 years. With APPLIED STRENGTH techniques, this young lady was up on leg braces in less than 2 years. This was the beginning of the SIT TALL STAND TALL PROGRAM. From the first young lady in 1982 to the present, I have trained over 540 WARRIORS in building the knowledge that today has become the basis and foundation for the APPLIED STRENGTH METHODOLGY that provides the system presently used. The credibility of the SIT TALL STAND TALL PRGRAM is a product of the extreme efforts of the numerous WARRIORS that have decided to take advantage of this opportunity.

The past 5 to 6 years, the SIT TALL STAND TALL PROGRAM had a large presence on the internet. The website was very complex and took some 3 to 4 hours to observe all the information. I have decided to simplify this website to provide only the present day WARRIORS achievements to clarify some of the questions that arose from providing so much information. The SIT TALL STAND TALL PROGRAM’S website will provide monthly film updates of each WARRIOR. AUDIO will give you a professional explanation for what you see. This will give anyone an opportunity to view the development of the new WARRIORS as well as the APPLIED STRENGTH system the SIT TALL STAND TALL PROGRAM employs.