Becky Reeve

Hi, my name is Becky Reeve from Salt Lake City, Utah. I am 66 years old. In 1962, while serving as a missionary, I was involved in a car accident which injured my neck (C-6) leaving me paralyzed from the neck down. Doctors gave me no hope. I would be nothing more than a vegetable never able to sit up or move again. For over 43 years I have fought back against impossible odds to walk again.

I entered the Sit Tall Stand Tall Program in 1985 after being injured for 23 years. I had worked for hundreds of thousands of hours in the old medically established programs. Only to find out that I had used leg braces that were not made for walking, and worked out on parallel bars and with a walker which focuses on using arm muscles. When my arms got tired when I was walking with a waker (usually about 50 feet) I would have to sit down.

I experienced immediate changes in my physical strength and in my physical abilities from the first day in the Sit Tall Stand Tall program. My challenges have been to retrain my muscles after 23 years of standing (using my arms for balance) and throwing my legs to learning the correct way to stand, balance, and step without using my arms. It has been a terrible struggle and it has no ben easy to change. My body is finally adjusting to the vertical position and to taking steps using my body instead of my arms. My goal is to walk again.

In the 21 years that I have been in the program working to retrain my muscles to walk again, I have experienced so many great beneftis in my every day living. I have been able to maintain my health and strength. I am up to active 14 hours or more a day. I am able to control my bladder infections. They are less frequent and I don't have to spend time in bed sick. My immune system is stronger in fighting off colds and sickness. I am able to live my life to it's fullest. I am involved in many interesting activities. I am looking forward to reaching my goal of walking.