Ken Vaughn

My name is Ken Vaughn and I have just started in the Sit Tall Stand Tall program at the beginning of June 2006. This program had given my life a new meaning. I have been a wheelchair for about 5 years now and have seen my share of doctors in that time. I was never given hope of ever walking again, and soon gave up looking for a way to get back to normal. A goal of walking seemed like wishful thinking over time. I have been told time and time again, by family and friends that I would walk again someday. I just thought that it would need to be a miracle or something for that to happen. I don't know if it was just dumb luck or a real miracle, but I stumbled upon Justin Fuller ( a Sit Tall Stand Tall warrior) and he told me about this amazing program. The program seemed to good to be true, but after going and talking to Leighton and some of the amazing people here, and seeing the things they could do, I was able to get an understanding of how it is possible to get back to walking again.

The will power and determination that everyone has is a great strength for me to stay focused on my new goal of walking. I have a lot of hard work to get there, but it will be well worth it. Now I am working on crawling and getting my hips up and legs forward, standing tall in the standing frame, sitting up straight on the bench and building up my core on the twisting machine. My newest challenge that I'm working on is standing on my knees in the two point position. I can't believe how great it felt to stand up straight while on my knees for the first time, it was very cool. There is so much work involved in your hips and how to move them properly. I am also working on getting back into my wheelchair and learning the proper technique. The average person takes walking and every little part of how they can move for granted. Soon with enough work I will be back up on my feet