Seth Loughmiller

My name is Seth Loughmiller. I am originally from Idaho and stall claim to be an Idahoan, but have lived here in Provo off and on for the last five years, going to school for a large chunk of that time. About eighteen months ago I married my wonderful wife Kiersty and we have both been attending school here at BYU. After being married for about four months, (a little over a year ago) I was in a car wreck that broke my T-9 vertebrae supposedly making me a T-5 paraplegic. Right after my accident I was flown over to Craig hospital in Denver to start rehabilitation. I've often wondered why it is called rehab because I felt like very little was being done to help me get back to what I had before my accident. Don't get me wrong, there were many kind therapists and doctors that taught me how to live in a wheelchair, which was necessary at the time. Nothing was really ever done to help me walk again and I was told that chances were pretty slim that I would ever use the lower half of my body again. I would like to think I made the best of things, although I can't say that I was very happy about life.

Three months after my accident I came back to school full time and did the best I could to make life work. I did alright, considering what I had gone through and that Kiersty had to kick me out of bed most mornings. Without that I probably wouldn't have ever gone to class. In February I learned about Leighton and the Sit Tall Stand Tall program from one of Kiersty's friends at school. It wasn't two days later that we went into Leighton's and I started the program. It has been the best decision I have made concerning my health and well being since my accident. Within the last six months I have learned to crawl, walk on my knees, and since the end of July I have been living full time in my leg braces.

I cannot explain how great life is standing up and looking people in the eyes everywhere I go. This semester I am going back to school walking and soon enough I will be walking around without leg braces. It has really been a miracle and a blessing from the Lord that has taken a ton of hard work and the support of Kiersty, my parents and family and Leighton and Rosa.