Cotton McCulloch

I suffered my spinal cord injury on March 29th 2003. I was thrown from my vehicle and the landing broke my spine at T-4 and T-5. Luckily is was an incomplete injury, meaning the cord itself was never severed, only badly bruised. The doctors sis all they could for me by fusing my spine with rods and screws, then telling me that I had a 50/50 chance of regaining any mobility, I spent two months in the hospital learning what they called Occupational Therapy where my body was put to extreme tests of grilled cheese sandwich making and top shelf reaching. I could control the muscles in my legs but the walking I did achieve was hunched over some Canadian crutches with an AFO on one leg and my body pumped full of every drug they could sell me. Walking full time was not possible for me and they said I had reached a "plateau in my progress" so they could no longer help me, "please leave".

Searching for alternative solutions to the idea of one day escaping the wheelchair I was in, I found the Sit Tall Stand Tall program. Leighton was the first step in a long process of uprooting myself from the surroundings I loved, to move to Utah and dedicate my time and efforts to a goal I realized was quite possible no matter what the doctors believed. I have been here ever since and after clearing my body of any unnecessary medications and ridding myself of useless equipment I began to walk around each day without using a wheelchair. Slowly I have gotten to the point now where I can walk around even without the use of canes and am on the verge of never having to use an assistive device at all.