Keith Stolworthy

My name is Dean Keith Stolworthy. I grew up in Henderson, NV, and came here to Provo in August 2005 to continue both my undergraduate education in Mechanical Engineering at BYU and also my recovery from a dirt-bike accident that occurred in March 2003. Since the time of my accident, I have hoped of being able to live a normal life again.

My accident occurred on Saturday, March 29, 2003. At the time I was a senior at Basic High School and was the captain of the Varsity Volleyball Team. I was riding with two of my friends in the desert when I wrecked. I had come over a hill and lost control of my bike. I was going about 25-30 mph when I ended up dropping the bike into a large water-drainage ditch. I went over the handlebars and slammed into a dirt embankment, where most of the impact was taken at my chest. I was wearing full-gear, including a helmet, boots, and chest-protector however I sustained multiple injuries - concussion, puncture in my abdomen, lacerated spleen, most of my ribs were broken, punctured lungs, and a torn aorta. My friends got help as fast as they could, but it took emergency personnel about 45 minutes to get to me. It’s a miracle that I survived to make it to the hospital, but also that I survived the surgery to repair my aorta – a surgery which left me paralyzed due to oxygen deprivation. The doctors said I would never walk again and the remainder of my life would be spent in a wheelchair. This is where my new life started.

Since the time of my accident I have undergone Occupational Therapy, where they taught me how to live my life in a wheelchair, and lots of Physical Therapy, which is when I was able to get some function back, however that ended in December 2004. Since my accident I have regained feeling and am now walking with a walker and ankle braces. During my recovery I have pursued my education in Mechanical Engineering, which is the reason I came to BYU. While I was here in Provo, I heard about the Sit Tall Stand Tall program, with Leighton Weber, and I just started working with him in January 2007.