Andrew Holmes

Hello my name is Andrew Holmes. On October 20, 2003 I was involved in a single car accident while attempting to travel from my home town of Monroe, La down the hwy to Grambling State where I was enrolled in school.  What really caused the accident still remains unknown. Did I fall to sleep at the wheel? Did something run out into the road? Was I having car problems? I don't know. I only recall awakening in the Hospital wondering where am I and how did I get here. The most hurting part of that was finding out what happened and hearing things in which I could and couldn't do. I can't tell you what it is like to not be able to talk, but no one hears you. You feel like people are tripping playing games, but you find out that you really have no voice due to this breathing tube that's down your throat. You wanna get up, but you can't feel your legs. Then they tell you you can't walk. Looking at the scars and seeing how they done stuck tubes all over my body. I wanted to fight!!! But I couldn't move or even talk to tell them what I thought about them. So I finally got out the hospital and went home. Once stabled, I started rehab. After I got into the program, they started wanting me to find goals and dreams. A guy asked me Drew, where do you see yourself five years from now and I told him, back on the field playing ball. The guys words with his reply really hurt me, he said Drew people don't get out of wheelchairs therefore you need to stop dreaming and find something else to do with your life. I went home and cried praying God will I ever walk. I dreamed that night of walking, running, and rejoicing. After time started to past me by, I ask God again why ain't I walking? So then I got down on my self and started crying, fasting, sleeping on my knees on the floor, and just everything I could think of. I begun to beat myself because I felt it was me. Finally I started to reach out for answers and help and that's when I found Mr. Weber's program. That was all the way back in 2004. I know that God has blessed me with the answer that I was in seek. How do I get there? I called banks, credit unions, state representatives, city mayors, contacting professional ball players and coachs, and even tried Income Tax's. This has been the hardest thing to get finical help with I tell you. Finally after crying, praying, and fighting I begin to get weak. I just can't do this any more I felt. The next morning my mother awakens with a dream. I know what we can do she tells me. We begun to reach out to our community, schools, and Church's. Money starts coming in and I don't have words to say thank you enough. Ms. Kim with hope, Premier, Mary Gross, my Loving mother, Dee-Dee, the Holmes and Price family, Weber and friends, Carroll High School, and everyone who prayed Thank You. This has been a five year journey and for three of those years I've tried to get here. I've just watch this kid who flipped off a mountain left his leg with nothing on it. Doctors said impossible! The guy beside him is doing leg presses with 230pds and wasn't suppose to walk either!!! Today I made my first movement (Oct. 18,2007) on the floor crawling and I can't tell you how good it feels. Once again thank you guys and even the person that is reading this right now. I hope that it motivates you in your believeth to say even more "yes I can" Never let anyone tell you whats impossible. All things are possible to you that believe 
Most of All I Thank God